Hocus Pocus Groundcovers®

They Cover Like Magic!

Hocus Pocus Groundcovers® is a collection of over 85 unique, hardy, playful and durable plants, chosen to successfully cover the ground…like magic!

Let Hocus Pocus Groundcovers® tickle your fancy and bring a little FUN to your garden…look for the Hocus Pocus Fairy at fine Independent Garden Centers near you.

All the plants are produced locally in Northern Illinois, and they’re sold in hand-sized green pint pots that are easy to plant – easy for kids to handle and plant.   Ask your garden center if they participate in our plastic container recycling program to help reduce our carbon footprint.  Hocus Pocus Groundcovers® are easy-to-grow, quick-to-cover, tailored to the Midwest, and are vigorous yet non-invasive plants that “cover like magic”!

Let the Hocus Pocus Garden Fairy refresh your garden and bring whimsical gardening fun to your family!